2016-09-11 Songs and Order of Service

1 Our God Chorus 0 KEY=C SEQ=v1,v2,c,v2,c,b,c,c NOTES=
2 Soul on Fire (Third Day) Chorus 0 KEY=A SEQ=v1,v1,b1,v1,b2,v1,v1 NOTES=
3 Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) Chorus 0 KEY=G SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,c NOTES=
4 Your Love, O Lord Chorus 0 KEY=D SEQ=V1,C,V1,C,E NOTES=
5 The Love of God Brbook 290 KEY=D SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,v3,c NOTES=
6 When I Survey Brbook 224 KEY=F SEQ=v1,v2,v3,v4 NOTES=
7 Great I am Chorus 0 KEY=C SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,b,c NOTES=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Yh4exnBU0
8 Jesus Messiah Chorus 0 KEY=D SEQ=V1,c,v2,c,b,c,c NOTES=
9 Lord I want to Be A Sacrifice Chorus 0 KEY=Em SEQ=v1,c,v1,c,e NOTES=
10 Amazing Love (I’m Forgiven) Chorus 0 KEY=D SEQ=v1,c,v1,c,b,c NOTES=

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