2016-10-09 Songs And Order Of Service

1) Hallelujah Your Love is Amazing, KEY=G, v1,c,v2,c,c
2) God is Able, KEY=F#, v1,c,v2,c,b,c
3) Mighty to Save, KEY=G, v1,c,v2,c,c,b,c,c,tag
4) My Heart is Filled With Thankfulness, v1,v2,v3
5) For the Beauty of the Earth, KEY=G v1,c,v2,c,v3,c,v4,c,v5,c
6) He Will Hold Me Fast, KEY=G, v1,c,v2,c,v3,c,c
7) Be Still My Soul, KEY=, v1,v2,v3
8) Jesus, Only, Jesus, KEY=C, v1,v2,c,v3,c,b,c
9) The Lord’s My Shepherd, KEY=E flat, v1,c,v2,c,v3,c
10) Jesus Son of God, KEY=B, v1,c,v2,c,b,c

*Videos below in case you don’t know these songs…

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